Landscaping design will always involve detailed discussions about the types of plants to use.

There are many reasons for considered thinking in choosing plants, these include:

  • Climate – what will grow and when
  • Water needs – do you need drought tolerant plants
  • How you want a garden to look in different seasons – do you mind dormant trees in winter, do you want colour in your garden all year round, do you want to theme the type of plants or do you want a more random selection, do you need hedging plants, shade, screens.
  • Does anyone in the family suffer from allergies – some plants produce more pollen than others
    Will plants go in pots or in the ground
  • Do you want a garden that can provide food – citrus trees, herbs, vegetables
MB - Unley Park
The team at Garden Rooms are sensational. We have never been more happy with our garden, the end result is exactly what we pictured and we are really able to use it as a real garden room!

There are many things to consider and we have a lot of experience with plant selection and landscaping in Adelaide.

We source our plants from local and interstate growers based on the type of plant and have established relationships that ensure we get the best possible stock at the best price.

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