Our design team continuously invent and create new ways and new ideas to create outdoor living spaces.

From contemporary designs, to more traditional approaches, we are passionate about understanding your needs and budget and interpreting this understanding into design concepts.

We can create for you from scratch or we can work with you on your own ideas.

Once the design is agreed upon, we will prepare a comprehensive quotation for each major aspect of the project. This more sectioned approach to quoting allows for flexibility on specific aspects of the job as the needs or wants may change.

RS - Glenelg
We did not know what we wanted when we first started this process but we knew we wanted to have a backyard that fit the kids, the adults and the dogs. Peter had lots of ideas and the process of designing the area was actually really good fun. The end result is better than we ever imagined and it is very user friendly and low maintenance.

Some types of work will require engineering plans. We will arrange this for you working with well established, accredited architects.

In many cases, clients have already had engineering plans or garden designs developed and we are happy to be engaged from this point forward.

We will manage all necessary application and approvals and processes for the work that we do.

Got a question? Need a Quote? Contact Peter today.